Nodes from Orchid returning "Unresolved" error

Hello everyone,
I have been experiencing a lot of issues with scripts that were working only a day ago. It seems to me like the problem is connected always to a node that comes from Orchid, even though I do not remember specifically installing the package. I did, however, try to install it today to see if it would help, the result was 9 notifications of issues relating to the package so I have uninstalled it.
I have attached a simple example of what is happening with a workset node that seems to run but does not make any effect. I am getting similar issues with node Select.byCategoryAndLevel returning the following:

Running Revit 2018 & Dynamo 2.0.2 (Everything was working okay a couple of days ago)
Would anyone be able to point me into the direction of a solution?

You should check out the Orchid page as I think there may be some upgrading / migration issues with Dynamo 2.#.#. @erfajo could you offer any help?


Thanks, but can’t see anyone else experiencing the same issue or the issue been reported…
No luck finding a solution so far. Just wondering if I should re install Dynamo and which build to use exactly, any thoughts?

Well the unresolved error means that you are missing a package…

I don’t think that is the case as I have not removed a package overnight. Even when the package in question was updated it still did not resolve the issues…


As Sean said…

Did you post there? Or you could post at Github?