Materials from floors in right order

Hello. I need to get a list of materials of floor layers. I used Clockworks’ “Element.Material”, but I need list in order to the type properties. How can I getit?

I think you’re going to need the GetCompoundStructure Method from the Revit API.
However there is a node in the Chynamo Package called Wall.MaterialLayers which uses the method.

It seems there is no Floor.MaterialLayers, but if you open that node you can find a python node inside and on line 32 you can change
“WallType” to “FloorType”

This way gives only materials, that are in Core Boundary. But I need all the materials.

@Andrei_Sukhareuski It works fine for me - gives back all the layers/materials in correct order. Can you show your results? Which version of Revit do you use? I haven’t tried it in versions older than 2016.

I was wrong. It gives me not a material from Core Boyndary, but a material, that is below the rest.
Revit v2016. Dynamo v1.2.1

Your data is structured in a different way than what I get:

Can you post a larger snap of your script? Did you change anything else inside the node?

Just changed “wall” to “floor”

Try FamilyType.CompundStructureLayers from pkg Clockwork - it should work with any family type that has a compound layer structure (i.e. walls, floor slabs, foundation slabs, layered ceilings, buildings pads).