Material Tag Reset

Hi everyone. I am facing an issue with material tag. Whenever I reload Revit Link (containing 3D model) to another Revit file (containing annotation). Some random material tag become question mark. I have to select and deselect the tag and it’s okay. Anyone have a any idea about a Dynamo script that can define question mark material tag, select and deselect it automatically? Thank you

@tranduytankts ,

When you have always updates to you linked files, annotations and dimensions will have problems.
We decided for a designfreeze to avoid that…



Hi Andreas, thanks for your reply. Even with the elements that have not been changed in the model link, whenever I reload, these element lose material tag in the documentation file.

Going one step further, I find generally tagging links is just not a good outcome. Every company I work at tries to natively tag wherever possible which means drawing series occur in the model with the majority of natively taggable elements, and linked plans with tags are often set up for linked views.