Dynamo renumbering script unexpectedly moving tags

Hi, for some reason in revit 2021 a door/window mark renumbering script which is only changing the mark parameter of the element is moving tags back to their default location. Anyone know why?

I cant seem to replicate the issue on a smaller project too. Could it be some kind of memory build up thing?

We’re the tags created at some point as well where it could be latent element bindings?

Maybe build the graph from scratch and see if it persists?

Hi Sean, not sure what latent element bindings are?

it would be nice to build it a bit better and cleaner but its so big. Want to avoid that but will at some point.

For now I’ve said give your computer a restart and then try it encase there’s some kind of memory build up messing with stuff. Waiting to hear back if its all good

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all good on the element bindings side