Matching excel values to revit by unique ID

Hi all,

First excuse my english.
I’m starting dynamo, and i will try to explain as simple as possible.

I export schedule from revit to excel, this schedule contain :
-Rooms number
-Rooms name
-Airflow per diffuser
-GUID (unique ID)

Then in excel schedule are modified, add row to separate rooms, put airflow, reorder row etc…

Then i would like to import airflow from excel to revit.
But schedule “format” is different and airflow are not put at the good row.

Thats why i’m using GUID.
I want with dynamo, to do match GUID between revit and excel to import airflow data.

i attachement, *.dyn file to export, excel file, rvt project and *.dyn file to import but no working.

exportexcel.dyn (25.0 KB)
Rvt test.xlsx (8.6 KB)
Import données dans revit.dyn (14.0 KB)

rvt file

Thanks for your help


Since the length of data is matching use SortByKey.

(Revit Element) The key is the GUID and the list will be the Element.
(Excel) The Key will be the GUID and the list will be the airflow.

Your elements and airflows will now be sorted by the same GUID and should be ordered the same.


Or you can just select the element by the GUID. That is a much better way thanks @Marcel_Rijsmus

if ElementSelector.ByUniqueID gives you trouble try Revit.ElementSelector.ByUniqueID
This has to do with the installed packages which sort of claim the ElementSelector part as their own.
Explained by @JacobSmall in this thread


Thank you very much, work great.