Match A SectionView Alignment To A Model Line


Is it possible to match a SectionView alignment to a Model Line in Revit?

Hi @Ben_Veasey

Could you please be more specific? Are you trying to shift your sections locations?


As an overview of what I am ultimately trying to achieve: in Revit when objects get moved they can disappear from Section Views. We can’t ‘lock’ a Section to objects in a view but we can lock a model line. I want to be able to either align or change the location of my Section View Line so that it matches the alignment or location (I don’t mind which) of a Model Line.

In short: 1) Select a Model Line and a Section View Line. 2) Change the location of the Section View Line so that it matches the Model Line.

Q) How do I change the Geometry Curve of a Section View Line?

Something like this? I tried it just for fun, I don’t really like the script (plus the Element.MoveByVector node is kind of buggy on my system, i often have to re-select the section to make it work).

I chose to move the section to the center of the model line but you could change that part.
Oh the view.plane node is from Clockwork’s package

Thanks Greg, that’s really close. I would also like to rotate the section to match the line’s rotation.

I have tried adding the Geometry.Rotate node but I don’t know how to get the angle of the Section?

I do not know if that is possibly, I’m sorry. Anyways when I had to obtain something similar in Revit i would just create a temporary grid line at an angle, then align the section to the grid line. If you want you can also lock it

@GregX A suggestion, In Revit, after creating the Grid Line, instead of a Section, use a Framing Elevation

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I can’t seem to lock my section to either a grid line or a reference line.

The Framing Elevations also lose their associations when the grids / reference lines are rotated.

I am having some success with .net in this thread (just need to get the .net to load when revit loads):

I would also rather use a Dynamo script. The script could save a dictionary of Sections and Lines. When ran it would correct all sections to be aligned with the lines.

This is an interesting thread. It proves that you can move a section with dynamo.
But what if you wanted to do it with multiple sections simultaneously?
Below is an example of what happened when I selected a Section Cut manually and tried to retrieve all elements of the same type.

Had anyone had any success with this?

The solution to this problem is actually quite interesting.
The Section Cut ID shown in the above post (8169310) is actually 1 numeric value less than the ID value of the associated view. Thanks to the order of Revit creation, this always seems to be the case for any section view! You see where I am going with this?
So you pull the ID value from the view’s section that you want to move and subtract 1, then its possible to get all of the associated section cut elements. The first image above (Oct 16th) also verifies this.
Select Model Element: 2554454
SectionView: 2554455 (the last 5 is barely cut off)
If you can generate the line in dynamo that you want to move the section to, there is no need for manual input. @Ben_Veasey, you need to give this a shot!

Get Section Cuts.dyn (18.2 KB)