Mass with Mass Floors

The first half is pretty straight forward, I have a script that can create a Revit Conceptual Mass.

I would like this mass to have automatically all available Mass Floors applied to.

I am hopeful, as the Mass in the Revit Project doesn’t change it’s Element ID, even when the script updates the geometry, but it looses the assigned Mass Floors. Mass Floors is also a Parameter of the Instance that is placed by the Springs node, though it doesn’t have any values (“empty”).

My search on this forum has not revealed anything useful (yet) and I am surprised that this has not come up before. Maybe it’s too obvious and I am missing something?

Does anyone have a solution or tip on this?
Thanks in advance.


hello Phillip, when a mass family is created it has no mass floors, if you create them you can see the list that you want, if am looking how to create mass floors in a mass model