Adaptive (number of) mass floors

Hi guys,

I’m a n00b at this, so please forgive me if this has been asked and answered; I’ve searched, but haven’t been able to find exactly what I’m looking for.

I’ve created a Revit mass model (cube) of which I can control the dimensions B, D and H. I’ve also created a little script part which adaptively generates levels in the model based on a floor number parameter and a floor height parameter.

Now I want to generate mass floors on all generated levels for the controlled mass, but I can’t get that part to work. In Revit, you need to manually select all the levels for which you want to generate mass floors, but as soon as you reduce the number of levels with the script, that connection is lost. Increasing the number of levels with the script means (for me for now) manually adding the levels to the mass floor collection.

Here’s an image of the script so far:

2015-09-01 12_32_16-Dynamo






The top 3 blocks generate the levels… now all I need is a way to generate a mass floor for every one of the generated levels. Anyone?


Instead of trying to solve your problem, I’ll make a suggestion that avoids the problem.

What is the objective of extracting the Mass Floors?

For now I’ll assume the below objectives

-To create floor slabs in Revit

-To get the floor areas

Both these cases can be approached differently, if you’re using Dynamo.

The below example uses as the prop/base a cube created in Dynamo, but that could be anything (could also be a selected Model element)

File: Mass-20150901.dyn



Hi Vikram, thanks for you input! Very informative for a newbie like me :slight_smile:

However, the goal of my exercise is actually to not have square floors. I want to add to and/or subtract from the cube mass until it’s not a regular cube anymore. With a Mass and Mass Floors, the generated floors should adapt to the adding and subtraction. I cannot see how to incorporate that in your example, although that could of course also be because of a lack of experience on my part.

Marco, it seems like you would be much better off with just Dynamo for what you’re trying to do. Maybe using Dynamo standalone or Dynamo Studio will help force you to focus on the tools available on Dynamo without bothering about utilizing similar/related functionality available in Revit.

You can create/generate the mass based on your computations in Dynamo and then import that mass into Revit and develop your project further.

But to me it seems that it shouldn’t ben too difficult to have Dynamo run the “Add Mass Floors” functionality of Revit, right? Or perhaps it’s already there, and I just haven’t been able to find it yet?