Mass Profile - Issue

Wondering if somebody has a solution for an issue I’m having.
I’m using dynamo to create a rail profile mass form. I was originally just having dynamo place the AC profiles to co-ordinates I have been given, then selecting (manually) all the profiles in the mass family and creating form. Worked fine I would select all the AC profile and purge file which reduced the file size considerable. but… (unrelated to the deleting/ purging of the AC profiles) you zoom into the mass forms and find graphical inconsistencies, random lines with the mass forms.
So I changed my dynamo graph to include Form.ByLoftCrossSections node - to create forms from profile to profile - works great. However… when I go to delete the profiles to reduce the file size it deletes the forms also, but this doesn’t happen when I do this process (create form) manually.

Question. Is it there a different lofting form node (I have tried most lofting nodes) or is my graph process incorrect?