Mass Changing Filter Colours in view templates

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Does anyone know of a way to mass manage filters colours in a project? This will be the filters that are controlled by a view template. I’ve been doing a bit of googling and playing around with some customs packages. I’ve found ways to add and remove filters to view, but not edit existing or any of there parameters.

For a bit of context, I may need to change a bunch of colours in all our templates, this will be quite long to do manually. Depending on if it’s possible, I aim to have an external excel file that can control these filters.

I appreciate this is not much to go on, I normally get a bit further in the process than this before I call In for help. If I can provide any information that can be of use, let me know.


So after more playing around, I found out that you can edit the original filters, the below is changing the filter colour.

The problem I am having at the moment is there is no unique way of identifying the filters. I need to extract the name so I can know what the value needs to be set at.

Final Edit for those who may need it in future:

If you want to get colours out: you need to extract the OverrideGraphics, I did this by editing a bit of code found elsewhere on the forum. Input in the view.

Then extracted the colours like this

To change the part you want to extract, change SurfaceForeGroundPatternColor to what you need (See for list)

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You simply need to get the element name like this

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Dumb moment there, Thanks!