Marking the window and door openings from the edge of the wall

Hello everyone,

I am trying to tie the window and door openings to the wall edge rather than throwing the dimensions all over the plan which over laps with other annotates and makes the drawing look untidy.

May I please know how it really works and is it feasible?

Thanks guys.

Hi @arnawal.kumar1111,

Here is a startup.
You need to update the Genius Loci package.

You can maybe use the nodes Geometry.ClosestPointTo or Geometry.DistanceTo to improve the graph.

Thanks Alban.

I will work on it and share.

Hello Alban,

Working on the script I was facing these errors, could you please help me with this?

I have attached the images, Dynamo script and file for better explanation.


Fenestrations Script.dyn (39.1 KB)
Feestrations Sample model.rvt (1.6 MB)

First, if you mix exterior sides and interior sides in the elevations of your building, the graph has no chance to work succesfully.

Second, I have been helping you a lot and you have never posted a personal graph. Everything you post has always been done by someone from the forum.
This is not a “Do my job” forum. Post at least your trials.
How to get help on forum

Here is a new example :

Revit file with the exterior walls on the right side :
Fenestrations Sample model.rvt (2.1 MB)