Marking Equipment with prefix

Dear All,
i was wondering is it possible to create Dynamo program to automaticly mark Equipment Family with prefix assigned to them.
For example, Mark all Pumps like: P-101, P-102 (for level 1), P-201 (For level 2)
Mark all AHU like: AHU-101, AHU-102 and etc.

In the mark parameter? or something else?

Actually it is not important to be at Mark parameter. İssue is to make program to assign correct value to parameter automatically when addıng new equıpment to model.
I mean for the fırst equipment it should assign mark XXX-101. for next one: XXX-102. and so on.

Here’s one way to do what I think you are trying to achieve.
groupByLevel AssignMark.dyn (7.9 KB)