How to change Revit Family Mark numbers when adding a new one in


I am doing a wireless design in revit and each Access point will have a reference e.g 001, 002 and so on. If further down the line i add a new one in which i forgot about it will then following the number sequence so it will then be 001, 003, 002. Ideally i would like the numbers to follow a sequence so is there a way in Dynamo to get it to re the “mark” .

Does that make sense? I am a complete beginner to dynamo

Hi @yasser.malik8DXU6 and welcome, share your graph and a Revit sample file so someone can help you, what you are asking for is really wide, there is more than one level? what is the logic behind your numbering? from left to right…

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so basically if i am inputting access points within a building i will number them 01,02 or 03 and so on. These buildings could have about 900 so if at a later point down the line i add another i don’t want the number to jump to 01,02 then 900. It just makes it look neater. So when i am finally exporting the schedules to excel it looks neat. This function works in Autocad and we are now migrating to Revit but am trying to make the process as easy as possible. Do you want the full revit model? Can i share a wetransfer link. In a nutshell though the number should be from left to right.

@yasser.malik8DXU6 yes you can share links

I think the best point to start for this exercise is to figure out the logic statement behind your task.
Based on my previous experience, maybe think about the sorting hierarchy.

  1. Level instead of Z Position
  2. X Position
  3. Y Position

You would then have to deal with a marking sequence of…


That way, you’ll be able to figure out the logical pathway using Dynamo.
Hope that helps.