Manipulating excel export


Hey there, im working a script that lets me export parameters from elements in revit to excel, or .txt. This im doing in order to create a keynote file from the elements in the project. What im asking is, if its possible to manipulate,which cells, and rows the export to excel are writing to, like for example i would like some of the parameters to get written in to one cell?

Im not looking for a solution, im only looking for a finger pointer, what ever this is possible or not, and if yes, ind which direction to go? :slight_smile: Hope this make sense, or else i can elaborate

Thx in advantage :slight_smile:


It is possible to set starting row and column.


Hey Tomasz, im aware of that option :slight_smile: Im looking to get a little deeper, and for example put two texts in the same cell, for example :slight_smile: