Manage Worksets for Links

Hello everyone!

Do we have access to any of the options of the “Manage Workset for Link” window? I would like to batch close worksets (worksets within links) of various links at the same time. For example, close all the “New” worksets of all my links.



I am not going to tell you how it can be done but inform you that there is information within the revit sdk for you to use and code it in python.

Search in sdk for the following:
revitLinkOptions - See get/set workset configuration
Worksetconfiguration - used to configure worksets for the above.

You will also need to apply these somehow to a existing Revit link instance.

This is a good lead :+1:. Are there any nodes out there that might pull this information already?

Hey Chris - did you ever get anywhere with this? Looking to solve the exact same problem

I spent several nights reading about it, but I could not spend more time on this task so I let it go. If you do or when you do, please share.