Managing transactions

Hey everyone,

I’m getting a warning prompt while trying to duplicate a family type in Revit.

I am not proficient yet with transactions within Dynamo environment.
So I would like to know what I’m doing wrong and how can I remedy this?

Thanks in advance,

I am using Revit 2022.1 with Dynamo 2.12.

I hadn’t noticed that there were already few older topics related to transaction management in this forum. So I thoroughly went through those to figure out the solution to my topic.

Just had to take care of the placement of transaction nodes and their inputs.

Kudos to the community! :raised_hands:

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When creating a new piece of code, I’d recommend starting with having it split up in quite a lot of code blocks, all covering just a few or even just a single step of the process.

After you get that functional, you can always “summarise” all that in a single code block after. As you can see the result of each individual line of code then, it becomes a lot easier to figure out where the source of a problem would be.

Hi @PauLtus, thanks for replying!
Yeah I usually start with placing individual nodes to the graph and then once they seem to function properly I convert them to code blocks for better legibility.
Although in this case I thought it would be better to use textural scripting for the second part of the graph for desired execution flow. But again, this was before I understood how transaction nodes work.

Alas, lesson learnt! :smiley:

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It seems you already got the right workflow then. :wink:

Even if I’m pretty confident I can do it one go I tend not to, when something goes wrong and everything is already tightly coded it can take quite some time dissecting to find out what exactly went wrong.

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