Duplicate dynamo script and issue with transactions

Hi! I have issue with transactions. I have a dynamo script doing the following:
Transaction start → Place some families based on some criteria ->Transaction end

I close dynamo, duplicate the script, open up the renamed one, change some filters and the family type and I run it again. But the family instances from the first dynamo job now are gone. I never done similar (duplicating a script) but I was in the belief that if I end the transaction and close dynamo then I will not have this issue. But seems like the files remember their session regardless.
Now I need some tip how to prevent this. Can I manually edit the dyn file to break the link?

Revit 2022, dyn


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@daninet try to do it using Dynamo Player.

In the meantime I have figured it out. I have opened the dyn file with text editor and in the first line I change a single character in the Uuid. This breaks the link.
@Elie.Trad thank you, this is a good option but only if your graph is finished. Unfortunately if you have a big one that is WIP you need to see the nodes.

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Changing one character caused some issues back in the day with files going corrupt. Careful. This can also make things much slower as Dynamo is going to go unpacking all of those base 64 encoded base 64 encoded GUID values and then going looking for them in Revit. A stable method is to clean the bindings out of the file entire in the text editor (everything in the bindings key of the json file can be deleted, but you need to keep the key and that it is a string), as described in this post and the associated AU session and you’ll get better performance.

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