Managing and distributing printsettings/form sizes for all users

Hi all,

EDIT: I want to clarify, i have created FORM sizes in the PDF printer that have a certain name specifically for Dynamo (For example, A0 DYN).
I have found a bunch of new sheet sizes from certain clients that are not standard. A0 with a length of 1300mm for example. Not all users have all these form sizes available in the pdf printer. They need to be added in the windows prompt you see below. I was wondering if there is a better way to handle this.

This is not really a Dynamo question but I can’t imagine anyone not running into these issues when using an automated PDF printer made with Dynamo…

I have created about 35 print settings for all the different sizes we use at our firm.
This works great for me but when transfering the form sizes(in windows registery) to another user, the print settings are missalligned.
This is the case when i add form sizes to another computer instead of overwriting all form sizes Overwriting all sizes does not seem like a good idea.

I was wondering how others handle the distribution of form sizes in the PDF Printer? @Alban_de_Chasteigner I can imagine you have had experience with distributing form sizes to other users…
Did your coworkers manually add all the form sizes in the windows printer settings, or did you automate this process?

As an example a filter that decides what print setting to use based on the sheet size.

Hi @MVE1112,

I’ll do some testing but unfortunately the command line tool for the Print Management Console seems very limited and forms in the Registry are probably the best option.

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from my time as an ICT guy i know the following
You can open the registry (open, Regedit) and save out a portion of the registry as a .reg file
include all form settings
if you have this .reg file just double click it and the settings will be incorporated in the local registry
be very carefully with this.
at least google it first, do the homework

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@Alban_de_Chasteigner Thank you Alban!
I feared the limitations…

And as @Marcel_Rijsmus said this could be done with the registery but i ran into a problem while doing that.
The IT guy set it up but he doesnt want the forms to be overwritten on other computers.
Instead they just add all forms that have ‘DYN’ at the end of the name.

I tested this out and ran into the following:

If a user has an A0 size (841x1189) on his computer and the registery edit tries to add an ‘A0 DYN’ it just gets skipped for some reason.
We are looking in to this but I was wondering how other Dynamo users that use a print workflow tackle this issue?

I cant be the only one who has this many sheet sizes and multiple users that want to use the print script right? :slight_smile:

We are at the beginning of automation at our firm since a print script is the first thing to be used with Dynamo and everyone has their own PDF forms for some reason. I think the easiest way to do this is to just overwrite all forms on other computers. I found a lot of forms that are never ever used.

Ofcourse if there is a solution with Dynamo that would be fantastic :slight_smile: In the mean time i will try to find the solution with the IT guy!

Make sure you only add forms that have a unique name
maybe it helps

If i do that, there still is a weird problem with the print setting in revit.

I noticed that when I add forms to another user’s computer the chosen sheet size is incorrect for the print setting in revit

For example:

On my computer I created all print settings and there is one called a0 dyn, it has a sheet size called a0 dyn.

When I add the forms to another user(read: the other has his own forms plus mine, so not the exact same amount of forms) the sheet size in that a0 print setting is wrong in the revit file on the user’s computer.
For some reason it picks another a0 form(I believe this has something to do with orders of drop-down lists?) as sheet size…

To fix this, I need to manually delete the forms that show up incorrectly in the print settings after adding the dyn forms…

I can’t imagine I am the only one who is running in to this issue…