Making a selection from scope box in 3D

Hi guys,

Is is possible to make a selection from a scope box?
Normally my building looks like this.

I would like to select the windows of one facade. I know I can do it with just clicking the windows, but I’m also having big projects with facades of 50 meters. If I have 4 facades of 50 meters I can’t control what Dynamo is doing. With one facade I can check if It’s all going good.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Temmink

If you install the RIE package you can create a boundingbox from a 3D view with the scope box connected to it, and select all elements by category in that boundingbox.
I do not have a computer in front of me atm, so I cannot create an example for you.
Contact me if you cannot figure it out, and I will get back to you :slight_smile:


Hi again Temmink.
Try my attached graph.
Connect your current view to the scope box you want to collect from.Collect elements of category in active view.dyn (13.7 KB)

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Thanks for your help!

I’m getting a empty list out of it. I think the script won’t select linked windows?

It would also be very nice to select a elevation that I made and then would select all elements of category. But I’m getting a empty list again. I think it’s because of the linked model?



Here is a similar workflow :

Selection from a scope box.dyn (12.1 KB)

I don’t know if your elevation is in your linked document, but here is an example:

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Thank you very much. Ik will try this out!

I’m getting a empty list when I select all scope boxes? Any idea how that is possible?

In this configuration, the SelectByCategoryAndView node use the active view to collect the scope box.
If there is no scope box in your active view, you can connect the Views dropdown node to the input view or replace the custom node by All Elements of Category or use Select Model Element to select only the scope box you need.