Grab all scope boxes in project

Does anyone have a method for grabbing all of the scope boxes in a project other than the select model elements node?


Hi Patrick,

The category name for scope boxes is “VolumeOfInterest”


Nice job! But, VolumeOfInterest? How strange…

That’s amazing! Thank you Dimitar!

+1 for Dimitar. Hahaha, one of the stranger names for things in Revit.


I am not sure what you want to do with Scope Boxes via Dynamo, but bear in mind that there is virtually ZERO exposed API around them so your options are limited to very few things. Good luck, nonetheless.

oh thankyou,


i was just about to post what is scope box cateogy, i had gone through all the categories pulling my hair out

2016-04-19 08_00_04-Dynamo

‘volume of interest’…madness

we need like a french to english dictionary