Make A Taco

So… @Zach_Kron posted a design script on Twitter… which @jostein_olsen noticed looked like a Taco holder, so I was wondering how you might make a Taco shell surface in Dynamo!


Unfortunately i’m No maths guru, I believe it is a hyperbolic parabaloid, I tried playing with nurbs curves which wouldn’t loft and a lunchbox parabaloid node which I couldn’t understand… so a dead end for me, but perhaps some else has an idea?



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Hi @Mark.Ackerley

search the forum for catenary


Aww Marcel…

2014! You were doing this before I knew what a node was :slight_smile:



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I went for a Sin curve for the z and a parabolic (y=x*x) for the y co-ordinate, you’d need to play a little more with the limits to make it look a little more taco-ey but just mirror along the line and that’s your basic shape sorted.

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a = 80;
x = (1…359…#a);
z = (90…810…#a);
PtX = (Math.Sin(x)) * 5;
PtY = (Math.Cos(x)) * 2;
PtZ = (Math.Sin(z)) * 2;
Pts = Point.ByCoordinates(PtX,PtY,PtZ);
Split = List.Chop(Pts,a/2);
Splitb = List.Reverse(Split[1]);
Lns = Line.ByStartPointEndPoint(Split[0],Splitb);
Taco = Surface.ByLoft(Lns);


hypothetical i’d say DynaShape it :slight_smile:

In the first video @LongNguyen used Bells Law? to calculate the finite volume of the blob.
if we could replace this law by this:

Wouldn’t it be great to use DynaShape and make a node that plugs in any mathematical formula :slight_smile:

Another way could be to use this method and instead of a square mesh to start off with, use a circle and place the anchor points strategicly

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Thanks All!

A terrible night’s sleep woken by both children and being up at 5am seemed to do the trick… Thought of this in the shower…

Now for the filling :smiley: