Parametric dome

Hi everybody! i’m new here and i’m sorry but i need your help! i’ve to design a parametric dome with a triangular pattern (planar triangles) like this one 06 dome where i can decide with a slider the “UV” division and calculate the total surface but i don’t know how i can do it.

can anyone helps me? please it’s for my master’s thesis!

Are you trying to make a geodestic dome?

Almost there…




I need to practice my geometry skills more often. This is as close as I got. My dome is definitely not geodesic in nature:

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I’ll be starting a project in a couple months which will draw upon methods of parametizing a sphere to complete. It bares mentioning for the public at large who stumble onto this thread the mathmatical description of parameterization calls for equilateral triangles (or related pattens) be used to maximze the structural and material efficiencies of the form. I can understand the practical need to paramterize a sphere thusly but I think I’ll want to revisit this topic again in a couple months because I just don’t like them visually or functionally as much as a true geodestic dome. Hopefully Dynamo can offer enough computational power to create your dome!

@DIMITAR VENKOV thank you so much! i think it is just what i need! i will see with my tutor :wink:

and another little thing, if i want to cover every triangles with a surface and calculate the total surface of the dome (made by triangles) and the number of the tringles that aproximate the dome? how can i do it?


@BLAIR i’ve to do the same in my final thesis! we’ve to keep in touch!

You can use the same points, that you used to define the chords, to define the faces. I’m not sure if I should show you how to do that because this is your thesis and I’ll be doing you a disfavor if I give you a solution straightaway. If you face specific difficulties, I’d love to help you with those.

The total number of faces will depend entirely on your UV divisions, so you can get that even without generating any chords or faces.

There might be a mathematical way to calculate the surface of the divided faces as a percentage of the area of a perfect dome, but I’m not aware of such a method. The easiest way to get the total area would be to generate them and then query the area of each surface and sum them up.

@DIMITRAV thanks a lot!!! no don’t worry…my tutor tell me to ask it in this forum because is the first time that me and him use this program and in internet i didn’t find anything about domes in dynamo!

I ve another question but first i’ll try to myself ^^



@DIMITRAV I swear…it’s one day that i try to do it without any results the problem is that i never use the design script so for me is very difficult to understand it. I try to find something about it on internet but i didn t find anything! Please help me…just to understand the process. CC

Here is a half done definition with nodes.

Hope you figure out a way to complete it.

File: dome-partial.dyn


Geodesic sphere…

To confirm with the spirit of this thread, not posting the definition yet :stuck_out_tongue:




@VIKRAM thanks a lot but I don’t know why it doesn’t work … domenotworking


and also i have to cover all the triangles with the surfaces…^^

Here is a complete node based definition



…and another using Design Script



Nice work on the geodesic dome, Vikram. Since you posted a solution, I guess I can post an alternative. I couldn’t directly translate the DS solution to nodes because the surface creation part was using imperative code. The node solution’s a bit different and a bit longer but the result is identical:




Hi! i’m trying to replicate the DIMITAR’s script but it doesn’t work, anyone can tell me why? thanks! DIMITAR.dyn2015-12-15

Ah, there’s something I forgot to mention - you’ll need to turn off the default value for “List.TakeEveryNthItem”. Right click on “offset” and untick “Use Default Value”.


And upon further reviewing, I found out that in my node dome is topless :slight_smile:

This should patch things up:


Wow. Looking good.

VS for your true Geodestic dome above, did you parameterize the sphere or make a geometric construction? I don’t see any code for it but each approach should both produce the same form.

@Blair, you can import geometry to revit family category and then add parameters based on your requirements.

@VS & Dimitar, thanks for sharing such a great script :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but it doesn’t work yet! i’m feeling a little bit stupid! ^^

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