Make a roof from a surface

I’m trying to create a family from a surface so that I can create a roof in revit. I’m thinking if I can create the family in revit, I can then create a roof from a face. I dynamo I get no error message and it says that the family is created. But I cant see it in Revit?? It can however create a Direct Shape.

Try building it as a form in the massing environment.

It worked a bit better. I created model lines from me nurbs curves, selected those and was able to create a mass. Loaded it into the project but Revit is not able to create the roof.

I had to simplify the roof alot to be able to make a roof

Might be a limit to the way you’re making the roof. Try the opposite direction. Otherwise you may have to segment it a few times or adjust the scaling to get something functional.

Hi @eklund.rickard seems you only create a type and should be in yout browser if you want in model then try create an instance from that type, the reason directshape work its becaurse it can only be an instance