Major BUG! Dynamo not saving backup of main file just the open custon node that has crashed the code

Seems to be experiencing a Major BUG!!, Dynamo is not saving backup of main file just the open custom node that has crashed the code in Dynamo for Revit when dynamo comes up with a crash note.

Also if i say yes to saving the file before closing with the name of the main file, when i open it again it will just open the custom node and the main code will be lost as well as any additional work i had done before the crash. So its a lose, lose situation. This really needs to change, luckily when i pressed yes to save the code before, i had an older code i could use otherwise all the work would have been lost when all it gave me back was a custom node which it wrong!

For the most part i have a good idea of what i coded before the crash and need to recode again but this is not always the case. Please fix this asap!!

Running Revit 2020 and this Dynamo version

I just had the same issue. Is there already a workaround for this?
Would save me a lot of time

Might help to list the revit version/dynamo version you were using.

Revit 2023