Dynamo keeps saving backup files!

i am new to dynamo, i opened a previously saved node ,but whenever i run the script , it takes a long time to run , i opened the console to view the problem , and i found that dynamo keeps saving backup files forever that’s why the run does not complete.
is this normal or can i do anything to make it continue without saving backup file. noting that I’m working on dynamo 1.3.1

Making backups is a normal behaviour for Dynamo. It does no affect performance of the program.
It’s either:

  1. Your computer lacks resources to handle your script.
  2. Your script could use some optimisation or there’s something wrong with it.
  3. You have set to run scripts automatically. Your script is being calculated over and over again rendering Dynamo not responsive.
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If you want some more information on handling backup files have a look here.