LunchBox Area Element Collector with Level Name null

Hi, has anyone got null result from lunchbox area element collector by Level name ?


Here the result using revit; german language:

and the same file, using revit; english:

Hi Johannes, thanks for quick reply.
The problem is I can get all the data apart from Level Name.
And it will appear null value randomly as below image.

Hi Kuo

Double click on the Custom node (LunchBox Area Element Collector) and do the below changes inside Python script. Good Luck!


Hi Kulkul,

Thanks for reply.
I try to change Python script to yours.
don’t know why everything gets null.

Try removing boolean and connect again.

Still no luck

Restart Revit and Run Dynamo again and check.

still not.
Also get six notifications of System.IO.FileLoadException.

Which Dynamo and Revit version your using?

Try Uninstalling Lunchbox package and Re-install it.

I was using Revit 2016 with Dynamo 1.0.0 and it still gets null value even I reinstall Lunchbox.
So,I just try on Revit 2014 with Dynamo
It works!

I am not sure why it is not working from your side but here is alternate 2 solutions to get levels.

Thanks Kulkul

Hey Kuo Chou Chen, did you ever get it work? I’m also getting null values with the Area Collector.