LunchBox not working

Is anyone else having issues with LunchBox no longer working, especially in the latest daily build?

Lunchbox seems to be running fine for me. Tested some panel and structure nodes. I am running DynamoInstall0.8.0.20150312T1814 (latest build).


I am however running into problems with Rhynamo (specifically writing files to Rhino). Attaching link here in case this may be an update issue.

When I tried to used Lunchbox I was getting an error at line 12 - “clr.AddReference(“RevitServices”)”. It’s really weird. I copied the entire script, without any edits, into a new Python node and it works fine. I have no idea why it would do this…

archi-lab packages are not working either in the daily build and I am experiencing the same issue. Ideas?

its the “#clr.AddReference(“RevitServices”)” part of the script. Dynamo is not loading the dll as expected. A bug in the latest version I guess…

I’ve replaced this line with this and it works: clr.AddReferenceToFileAndPath(r"C:\Program Files\Dynamo 0.8\Revit_2015\RevitServices.dll")