LunchBox for Dynamo 0.7.5: Room Element Collector _SingleFunctionObject

I recently upgraded to Dynamo 0.7.5 and downloaded the latest release of LunchBox. When trying to run an old definition, I kept getting null values. After closely examining each node in the definition and attempting to rebuild, I noticed that the only output from the Room Element Collector was “_SingleFunctionObject”…

dynamo example







A thorough internet search revealed that I had overlooked the “Toggle” feature on the Room Element Collector node as described in this recent post by Nathan Miller:

By simply connecting a Boolean node to Toggle, I was able to bring my definition back to life. This is a very novice problem but it seems worth the post in case any other new Dynamo users are looking for answers.


Hey Kyle
I’m new to Dynamo and I’m not understanding LunchBox at all. I have LunchBox Curtain Panel Collector with a boolean toggle node and all I get is empty lists. How do I tell it what curtain wall panel I want to reference if there are no inputs?



Hi Scott

If you set the boolean to True, LunchBox will collect all curtain panels in the project. If it is still empty, you probably either have no curtain panels or you haven’t hit run.


I’m glad you found this post since the toggle feature was tripping me up as well… By adding a Boolean node and setting it to True, then clicking Run, the LunchBox Curtain Panel Collector should find all instances of Curtainwall in your Revit model. The following image is an example from a project that I am working on…

LunchBox curtain panel collector example