Lunchbox Element Collectors and Deconstruct Solid

I have two questions regarding LunchBox for Dynamo.

  1. When using the collector nodes, how do you specify a specific family that you would like to collect? The only input for the node is the boolean toggle. The only way I have been able to do this is to go into the node and change the python code to search for the family I’m looking for, but that doesn’t seem like the best solution.

2.The deconstruct solid Lunchbox node doesn’t seem to work. It keeps returning null values. I checked the python node inside and the error that is throwing is “'Edge object has no attribute AsCurve” I thought this might have to do with weird geometry within the file, but i get the same error when checking against a simple cube and it still won’t work. Any ideas what is happening here? I’m running dynamo version and the most recent lunchbox package








Hi Dennis,

You can try using builtin nodes you get the same result as well.

Ah, yea I’d been trying those, but since I hadn’t added those last two nodes (vertex.point geometry etc.) I wasn’t seeing anything so I was assuming it wasn’t working :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!