Lost reference with Dynamo export to Excel

I have made a Dynamo script that exports data to a separate tab in Excel (let’s say tab1;celA1). In Excel I cross reference this value to another cel in another tab (tab2;celA2).
Now when I re-run my script it looks like Dynamo deletes tab1 so tab2;celA2 does not have a reference anymore (#NB) and then again it creates the tab1 with the exported data to cel A2. But the cross-reference tab2;celA2 stays lost.

How do I fix this so that the cross-reference stays intact? Or is there a way so that Dynamo does not first delete the tab but only refreshes the data input in the tab?


Try an “in between” second excel file is my first thought
I think under Data is the excel function that takes a data source (your second excel file)

Maybe look here?

Hope that helps,


Hi Marcel,

I guess this would work but a second “in between” file is not what I want. I’d hoped one of you would have a solution.

Maybe the problem is not Dynamo but is in Excel. Maybe a checkbox or something that keeps cross-references in tact.


Not sure what your problem is? It works for me…

Hope that helps,