Excel Export resetting formula in excel?


I’m doing a simple export to excel. The general set-up is, I export the data into a sheet and then on a lovely formatted sheet I do Countifs to get some information about the model.

It all works about from when I rerun the script this happens:

The node i’m using for exporting is this one, I attempted the Bumble version but couldnt export the data out correctly.

The reason why I’m using countifs and not just doing the working out in dynamo is that Formatting the data in excel can be a pain. I was hoping this was a way around it.

Any ideas? Thanks!

did you think about exporting to a blanc excel sheet and do you calculations in another one refering to the first?

I believe thats what I’m doing.

So the data is being exported to a sheet called “Dynamo Exports” and the CountIf looking at that sheet. When I re-export it loses the link.

Its almost like the excel sheet is deleted and then remade with all the data in it.

there might be another way, using two excel files

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Hi Joe,
The way to use exported Excel files is better explained in this link below

How to Create a Project Dashboard using Revit, Dynamo, and Excel by Archsmarter


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Try setting this to false:

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Thanks for all the help guys, I attempted to set it to false but it wouldnt then replace the data on re-run.

I ended up using Bumblebee exporter. The reason why it wasn’t working before is that I was extracting the category using Element.Category and didnt notice it wasn’t a string. Converting it to a string made it work great.

For those in similar situation I used this set-up