Looking for Civil 3D files-related packages

Dear friends
I found a document from Autodesk University regarding Aligning AutoCad Civil 3D and Revit with Dynamo. There are some Dynamo nodes in this document that I do not know their package name to install (See the screenshots below).

I need to open a Civil 3D file in Revit. I have to do it by IFC file since we are going to create section views in Revit. But we need a Revit model with shared coordinates set up match the world coordinate system.
When I opened IFC file of my civil 3D file in Revit, the quality of model is not good at all. I attached screenshots of civil 3D and Revit file respectively

As far as I understood, the main issue is that the imported IFC model in Revit is too far from the project BasePoint in Revit (X, Y, Z = 0)
This is the reason why I was searching to find how to use Dynamo to solve this issue and I found a document from Autodesk University.

Any solution from you will be appreciated.

That is something called civils connection by Paolo serra who is a autodesk consulting employee, though i do not think it has been released to the public.

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Correct. This is a proprietary workflow which was developed by our consulting group.

@Mojtaba.vlj - I will PM you shortly.

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Thanks a lot @jacob.small
Unfortunately, I am stuck in this step and I do not know what to do. I tried to export and import Civil 3D file into Revit but it didn’t work

I have been hoping to see this package and maybe use it for a while, without luck.

Anyway have you tried exporting your geometry to a solid using the export to solid tools within civil 3d?

Then if you import this cad file into a family then import that into a new project (and setting coordinates up). Then you link this new project into your project and you are set to take what ever sections/views you need.

I havent tried it myself but i saw this at a conference on IFC.
Here is the handout.
Ha1k.pdf (1.3 MB)
Try editting the IFC with a text editor.
Scroll all the way down the document and find the last line that contains “IFCAXIS2PLACEMENT3D” and change the value into something close to 0.

#51815= IFCSHAPEREPRESENTATION(#105,‘Body’,‘SurfaceModel’,(#51813));
#51822= IFCCARTESIANPOINT((49160.,29175.0053674143,525.));
#51829= IFCBUILDINGELEMENTPROXY(‘2BrUbuTBL3gPhePySCcg4p’,#42,‘Object’,‘Description of Object’,’’,#148,#51824,‘10431’,); #51844= IFCPROPERTYSINGLEVALUE('Reference',,IFCIDENTIFIER(‘Object’),); #51852= IFCPROPERTYSINGLEVALUE('IsExternal',,IFCBOOLEAN(.F.),); #51853= IFCPROPERTYSET('1DcQvbnbn8Kh_lDD0fverj',#42,'Pset_BuildingElementProxyCommon',,(#51844,#51852));
#51862= IFCRELDEFINESBYPROPERTIES(‘3X_bZEl19B3vOFLjLIoXCt’,#42,,,(#51829),#51853);
#51866= IFCCLASSIFICATION(‘http://www.csiorg.net/uniformat’,'1998’,,'Uniformat',,,);
#51869= IFCAXIS2PLACEMENT3D(#6,,);:+1:
#51870= IFCLOCALPLACEMENT(,#51869); #51871= IFCSITE('1RISnQ_Nz5feb6bgXGwbi’,#42,‘Default’,,'',#51870,,,.ELEMENT.,(42,24,53,508911),(-71,-15,-29,-58837),0.,,); #51876= IFCPROPERTYSINGLEVALUE('AboveGround',,IFCLOGICAL(.U.),$);
#51877= IFCPROPERTYSET(‘1iRe1IrG5428CD$pigdWjN’,#42,‘Pset_BuildingStoreyCommon’,,(#51876)); #51880= IFCRELDEFINESBYPROPERTIES('046GIQO3P49PzVv97m1amB',#42,,,(#136),#51877); #51888= IFCRELAGGREGATES('2GHBZIJQ90APsJPFPXTLPC',#42,,,#108,(#51871)); #51892= IFCRELAGGREGATES('3jJwpFq_594R_aEz5cF1kq',#42,,,#51871,(#123)); #51896= IFCRELAGGREGATES('1iRe1IrG5428CDzDGgdWTe',#42,,,#123,(#136)); #51900= IFCPROPERTYSINGLEVALUE('Reference',,IFCIDENTIFIER(‘Project Information’),); #51901= IFCPROPERTYSINGLEVALUE('NumberOfStoreys',,IFCINTEGER(1),$);
#51902= IFCPROPERTYSET(‘1iRe1IrG5428CD$pmgdWTe’,#42,‘Pset_BuildingCommon’,,(#51900,#51901)); #51910= IFCPRESENTATIONLAYERASSIGNMENT('A-GENM-____-OTLN',,(#51815),$);


The geometry improves when importing it close to the 0,0,0
I would recommend making a copy of the file before you try

If you’ll consider a 3rd party plugin for importing IFC, the Geometry Gym offering has an option for importing relative to Shared Coordinates. This will transform the remote geometry around revit internal origin.

You can download it for various versions of Revit from the downloads page at www.geometrygym.com

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the civil sector for this.



Hi Mojtaba,

I can recommend you a link to the Autodesk University.

Andrew Milford is creating with Visual Studio new Nodes for Dynamo to connect it with Civil 3D.
Have tried to recreate those, but havent been successful yet. Maybe you have more luck? :slight_smile:
Hope that helps (And let me know if you succeeded :smiley: )