How to install civil connection package

How to install civil connection package and connect civil 3d with Revit … Is there a video explain that in detail … because I try to do that but I can’t get it

Check 4.2.2 and 4.3.1 of the guide here:

If you skip anything it will all fail to work due to the interconnected nature of the process, so best to take it slow and go line by line.

I do not know what you have tried, but i have downloaded CivilConnection2020 like this:

  • Open Dynamo (2.X) from Revit, Revit version doesnt really matter.
  • In Dynamo, go to “Packages” in the Ribbon and select “Search Packages”
  • This will open the “Online Package Search” window, this will say in the beginning “Syncing with server…”
  • When this is gone, type "CivilConnection in the search bar and use the big download button to download this.

Video: (in Dynamo)

Does the CivilConnection package work for Dynamo for Civil 3D, or just Dynamo for Revit? I installed the CivilConnection package in Dynamo for Civil 3D, but it does not appear in the library.

Check the installation notes carefully. Civil Connection is driven by Dynamo for Revit and leverages Civil Python for the C3D work. Dynamo for Civil3D wasn’t around when this tool was developed.