Location "View" of Text Notes

Can you use Dynamo to run a query of all text note instances and get the views/sheets or “view/sheet workset” the text note is located in?

I have gotten to the point where i can get workset of the view but not the workset name itself…

Hi @William_Ruffenach

I am a little unclear what this is showing me, maybe i need to clarify what i am asking for. I want to query all text notes for where they exist in the project. For instance “Text Note #1” is located > Workset “View: Floor Plan Level 01 Construction Plan”. Since each view has its own workset for 2d elements i am assuming i would need to output the workset name for the text note?

You can use Clockwork’s Element.OwnerView for this:


thanks! I tried this node before but was getting some warnings, realized i needed to upgrade the package since ive upgraded to DY 1.3

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Can anyone tell me why the ELEMENT.OWNERVIEW isnt working? I have hte current clockwork package from my dynamo installed.

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What year and version of Revit are you using? I was using Revit 2018.2 perhaps its a Revit version compatibility?