Locate Ducts and pipes in spaces/zone


I’m trying to locate ducts and pipes in my project.
I noticed that it’s easier to locate ducts and pipes in levels then in zones, spaces … (2D).

In order to do so, i tried to use element.location node to be able to get pipe’s coordinate, but when i connect the results with the boudingBox.Contains i get an empty list.

Is there an other way to locate ducts and pipe in spaces ?

Thanks in advance,

Try to change BB.Contains lacing

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Hi Salma,

You need to connect Points list to “BoundingBox.Contains”. Currently your connecting “Empty List” to it.

And make sure you change lacing.

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Thank you for your responses.

I’ve changed the lacing :), and i’m trying now to append a new parameter that can indicate where the duct/pipe is located.

My goal is that the parameter “localisation” will copy the space name automatically.

I’ve created two spaces in my project and i used Element.setparameterbyname to do so, but i didn’t get the expected results. there are just two pipes of which the location parameter have been named and not correctly :(.

Does anyone have an ideas or recommendations ?

Thank you

Just throwing this out there. There is also a node in Rhythm called Space.IsPointInside, that tests if a point falls within a space.

I used this when I made this

You can probably use a similar logic if you wanted to get the midpoint of the duct.