How to find the space name with an element's X,Y and Z coordinates?

I used the ElementsinSpace-node to retrieve the space an element is present in. I assign this space name to the element in a user created parameter. This does not work when I have a pipe which extends from Room A to B but the length is such that it stops half way in both spaces. Since it crosses two spaces, this node keeps the parameter empty.

To overcome this, I have acquired the element’s curve and divided into a number of points. Now, I want to get the space name in which the X,Y and Z coordinates intersect. Is there any node or any other method to bring this?

Thanks in advance.!

assigning room names|690x217

Hi @nithesh.ramanan
Thanks for asking, This query is similar to the query already been asked in Dynamo Form.

Please refer to these following post:

Hope this helps.