Load DWG geometry in Dynamo Studio with Python/DS


I’m trying to load .dwg file as the Code Block in Python Script,

but I keep received the error message when I try to reference the library.

Is anyone know what is the correct module name of Translation.dll to import?


Below is the file of .dyn and .dwg
TranslationFileLoaderTest1.dwg (39.2 KB)

TranslationFileLoaderTest1.dyn (5.8 KB)



I think I find the answer,

the Module name I need to import is “Dynamo.Translation”,

hope Dynamo Sandbox will add back the Import DWG function in the sooner future.

Refer http://dynamobim.org/dwg-import-in-dynamo-studio-0-9-1/

It looks like this stuff didn’t make it into 0.9.1 or subsequent versions…?
I like the look of the objectfilter nodes

Can anyone from the Dev team provide an update on this ?
From a quick Google I can’t find anything

@zefreestijl Dynamo is indeed an Open Source project so its ok to peek under the hood of DynamoSandbox and its subsequent libraries (IMHO, also they are available on GitHub which might be faster). However, keep in mind that Dynamo Studio (paid version) of Dynamo is not exactly fully Open Source and you might want to check if you are not violating their license agreements using .NET Reflector on it.

I am sure folks on the Dev team don’t mind this. CC: @Michael_Kirschner ?

Sorry for mixing up the versions between Dynamo and Dynamo Studio…

I just amend my post, thanks for reminding.

I think it might be better for me not touch these feature till the Open Source release this function.