OpenSource not OpenSource?!

Dear Community,

I am trying to collect as many inputs and feedback as possible about this topic that we will face at #AU2019 this year. As group , we started as Dynamo User Group because all of this started as an OpenSource project.
Nowadays with all what happen with Blender, FreeCAD, Microsoft investing 7.5B on Github, 60 patents released OpenSource to help Linux, it seems the right time to raise awarness about OpenSource in our AECO industry. The OpenSource Initiative OSI started in 1998, and it now turns 21. It seems to be mature enough in the Software Industry, what about in the AEC?

I think this is an important topic to discuss as a community and see in what direction we should move in the future and next years. IMHO this stand on the foundation of the WHY we all believe in this.

I was trying to collect as many questions and feedback for our panelists ,this could be a great opportunity to have precious insights.
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