Load Custom Printer Profile in dynamo

I have sheets that are slightly bigger than standard Sheet sizes. I have to select each sheet separately, select its right profile , and then send print. The sheet sizes are written in titleblocks in mm ( example 2000x840 )

I was wondering if I revit can recognise sheet size and send print itself. I saw posts in forum where it could be easily done with Dictionary and Keys, but that works only if there custom sheet sizes are accessible inside dynamo.

I am thinking of 2 methods :

  1. if I can access custom sheets inside dynamo
  2. If i can create sheet directly by giving length and height of sheet.

Method 1 problem :

I have saved profiles in PDF-XChange and I have to select each sheet whenever I need to print these one by one.

At the moment I can access the standard printer profiles.

Is it possible for dynamo to access these new Pdf Profiles ?

Method 2 Limits :
I cant find any plugin to create sheet by giving dimensions directly. Can it be done ? I would personally prefer this method, i assume this method would have more freedom