Load case generation


I’m trying to create load cases with Dynamo, but I don’t understand why Dynamo create some of them and not all of them. In this particular case, two loads cases are not generated.

Any idea?

Many thanks in advance!

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At least can you post some screenshot for better understanding :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand, yesterday two loads cases didn’t appear but I’ve just opened the file and now there are all the load cases :thinking:

It seems to be solved

The next time I’ll restart Revit

Hi again…

I don’t understand. I have add to new load cases and I have the same issues of the beginnig… Some load cases do not appear (highlighted in yellow). I add images from the code and the result in revit.

If anyone knows the reason of this let me know it please.


Hello, your nodes come from a package (I can’t find them in the dictionary)
Does it accept a string list as input of name


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