Defining load cases

Hi guys, I was wondering why there is no combo box (as shown in every single example I could find) for the following nodes: LoadCase.CaseNature and LoadCase.CaseType ? Any ideea on how to get the current nodes I am using to work? Thanks!

What I have:



What I see in all examples:


Thanks for the pic, however it seems I am missing some of the items you are displaying.

I am using the Structural Ananlysis Package version 0.2.3 with RSA 2016 and and unfortenately I can’t see “Attributes” folder. Probably that is why I can’t see any UI nodes.

Any sugestions what might be wrong?


I managed to get an answer regarding the problem with the UI nodes for the Structural Analysis Package: these are broken until the next version of dynamo will come out. Until then the only workaround is to use the string nodes to input the required values.