Listing Adaptive Component Placement point Locations

I have a 4 point adaptive component that is applied to a divided surface, I was just wondering if there was a way of identifying all of the individual panels and then listing all of the placement point in xyz coordinates for each component? I am able to list all of the adaptive components and there insertion point (which is the 1st placement point), I just need to get access to all of the placement points.

As always, I would appreciate any help.

Observed that the element ID of an adaptive component and the associated adaptive points are in sequence. (There seems to be an additional central point though)

If this behavior is consistent, it can be used to group points and associate them with their respective adaptive component

Hi Scot,

Did you already try the “AdaptiveComponent.Locations” node ?


Apologies for making a mountain out of a molehill :slight_smile:

I’d pompously presumed that AdaptiveComponent.Location returned only one point per Adaptive Component

Nonsense Vikram, your method is great for anybody that requires direct access to the point’s element. That would for example allow us to manipulate specific points of AC instances placed earlier.

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Thanks for the reply’s, I had already tried the Adaptive Component Locations Node, but the one thing if failed to mention is that the adaptive family is hosted to a mass and then loaded into a project file where all of the panels get a unique “Mark” parameter. We are creating a list of all of the panels and then the xyz coordinates of their placement points. The Adaptive Component Locations node works great while I am in the Family editor, it is just when I get the façade into the project it returns an empty list, it seems that the node has trouble interrogating the family in a project environment???

I am thinking that I may have to create a Panel Identification parameter in the Mass Family, so that I can extract all of the information in the family editor mode rather than trying to do this in the project environment?

Thanks for the help so far.

Adaptive Node

Step 1: In the Adaptive Component family create Instance parameters for each coordinate of every vertex (Vertex 1X, Vertex 1Y, Vertex 1Z…Vertex 4X, Vertex 4Y, Vertex 4Z)

Step 2: Load and use this family into the Conceptual Mass Family

Step 3: Launch Dynamo and Run the below definition

File: AC-VetrexCoordinates.dyn


On Running this definition the Instance parameters will be populated.

Step 4: Load this Mass into the project

Step 5: The vertex coordinates of each Adaptive Component family can be extracted as numbers. Vertex points can now be generated in the project file.


Thank you, that is very clever Vikram. I was already working on a workflow of exporting the list to Excel to then importing it into the project, but this solves the problem directly at the source.

This is exactly what I am after. Thanks again.

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Are there any examples you could direct me to for updating the specific points of adaptive component instances? I haven’t seen any nodes that provide a way to do that, so I’m assuming you’d have to write some code to call the API directly.

Vikram’s method gives you direct access to the point’s element instance. If you access the element through the API, you could change it’s properties. Foe example the “Position” property would change its coordinates.

Hi Scott, (or anyone that can help)

I am having the same problem you had before: The Adaptive Component location component is only giving empty lists as result… how did you manage to fix it?

I’m working in a project and have different adaptive family types applied as pattern to surfaces in an in-place mass…


Hi there @Vikram_Subbaiah

A Dynamo beginner here. I am struggling with the same issue as OP and yet to find the solution. I am trying to download the definition you have attached in your earlier reply but it leads me to a “Page not found” tab. How can I download the file and run it so I can test the solution you’ve proposed?
Thanks in advance!


Hi all,
has anyone provided a solution for this?
I am getting an empty list when using the AdaptiveCompnent.Locations node. Basically have created an in-place mass (project environment) loaded the pattern based panel, divided the surface and used the panel. Finish the mass.
It seems to be picking up the panels, but not creating the list of locations.
Can anyone tell me why this is happening?