List.Transpose not transposing (no error)

Hi all,

I’m currently having a problem transposing a list of parameter values (from multiple generic model volumes) with the node List.Transpose. I’ve used this node many times, but never for parameter values and I’m starting to wonder if I’m missing a step or something?

Here’s a capture of my script where the problem occures. As you can see, I collect multiple parameter values and since they are automatically collected by occurence and not by parameter type, I have to use List.Transpose.

Here’s also a test I made that was successful in the same script…

Lastly, here’s my script if it helps better understand the situation.
Room.ByGenericModel.dyn (101.9 KB)

As you can see from the first capture, List.Transpose doesn’t give me any errors. He just throws me the same information in the same order like nothing happened.

Hi, it is not the same informatcion, check the list levels, I believe it is transposing, you should check the list levels

You’re right this is what ended up working

I had to simply remove the 3rd layer of list to be able to transpose the 2nd one

Thanks alot !

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