List Sheets by Revision - Combining and Filtering Lists

I’ve been able to use various resources on here to create and export a list of all the sheets with all of their revision issuances.

For example:
A9-01 Door Schedule, Types & Details – For Construction, Addendum 01, Bulletin 01

From inside Dynamo, I’d like to be able to list each revision/issuance and all of the sheets that were issued for that issuance. For Instance, all the sheets that have Bulletin 01 revisions, all the sheets with Addendum 01 revisions, etc.

I can list all the sheets with revisions. I can list all the revisions on the sheet. I can get all the revision/issuance names.

If this was a pivot table, I would just move the Revision field before the sheet number field.

List All Revisions by Sheet v0.3_ABR.dyn (15.1 KB)

Any help, would of course be appreciated!

Thanks again,
Thom K.

like this maybe?

Here is one solution to list the sheets that belong to each revision:

sheets by revision

for Thom_Krejci - List All Revisions by Sheet v0.3_ABR.dyn (17.4 KB)

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Holy Goodness!

Thanks to both of you for answering so quickly and with such helpful responses.

I’ve taken parts of what each have you done and combined them.

List Sheets by Revisions v0.3.dyn (17.7 KB)

I took the concatenation from interactiverendering and paired with the group from awilliams. I added a sort to the sheet list so they would at least be alphanumerically sorted in the output.


Quick follow-up question: Is there a way to get the issuance as the list heading? Right now, it’s the first item in the list with the sheets. So in this case, instead of it saying 0 List, it would say 0 For Construction?

Other than that question, I thank you both for your efforts. I certainly wish I knew how to work with lists so deftly!

Thank you again,
Thom K.

If you change the levels on the List.AddItemToFront node, you can have the revision be a level above the list of sheets, but no the heading “List” isn’t modifiable :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the quick response Amy,

I think that seems to have listed each set of sheets under each revision heading, but it’s all good.

So, I worked a bit with the sheets and the lists and was able to cobble together the following:

After running it once, the slider can be used to select a specific revision/issuance and then only list the sheets from that. I’m guessing I can do some searching on here and take that output and create a Print Set with it.

Thanks again for all of your attention and help!!
Thom K.

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I’ve been using the graph Jesper Wallaert posted to create sheet sets by revision date, I don’t think it would be too hard to modify it to accept your inputs instead of the date (says the guy with almost no Python experience)

Good afternoon Amy,

Ok… I’m trying to slice and dice the information a different way and I’m stuck.

The above does a great job of creating nice, readable lists.

What I’m trying to do, is create a Sheet List (with sheet element IDs) based on revisions. For instance, create a list of all the sheets that have “Bulletin 02” in the Revisions.

Researching on here, I’ve found one that gets the a list of the last specific revision on a sheet. Which is great if you make it right before you plot but it’s not so great when you’re trying to go back and create a set for a revision that already went out and there are now revisions after the one you’re trying to do.

Here’s the hopefully simple quandary:

I’ve got the sheets filtered down, but all I’m trying to do is shoot out a list of Sheets that have a Revision that matches the Sheet Revision pull down. I can’t get the Sheet.Revisions to filter out just the items with the Revision ID and then use that with the All Elements of Category to produce the final list.

Thank you again!

Get All Sheets with a Specific Revision.dyn (5.6 KB)

Hi Thom, you can use the Revision Properties node from archi-lab that you were using before to filter your list of sheets with List.ContainsItem and the Revision Description name, see below:


Once again, you’ve answered my question and solved my problem! :grinning:

Lists are so basic to Dynamo and yet they are still challenging to me.

Attached is my (hopefully) final file. I believe it does what I intended it to do which is create a print set for any revision regardless of when it was issued.

Create Print Set by Any Revision.dyn (26.0 KB)


Thanks all for the posts on revisions / print set and starting point from archi+lab. Here is a version I modified with springs.viewset.byviewsname to create sets per revision. For example, using this to set print set by latest addendum/issuance, then run the print job. Saves lots of time trying to figure out which sheets to issue especially with many people adding revisions etc.