List not being pulling through into Curve.byIsoCurveOnSurface node

Hi All,
I am very new to dynamo and I am busy going through some exercises to upskill etc. I am trying to create a series of curves on a surface using the following code:

However, the list from the code block is not being pulled through into th Curve.byIsoCurveOnSurface node… Can anybody please help me understand why this is not happening?


This is a pacing issue. Set the surface to @L1 or set the lacing to longest as a first step.

This video and the next in the series will help (tried to ‘cue up’ the relevant portion - you only need the 15 minute presentation bit):

Thanks for the assistance Jacob!
The link clearly explains my issue - thanks.
I understand the lacing portion how to change the lacing of the node but how do I set the surface to @L1?


Sorry - thought I had linked the whole playlist. Check the next video here: