List map

I thing dynamo List map function donť work correctly.

Here I have bounding box as room and curve lines.
Curve lines have 22 points and each point is in some bounding box…But list map show me the one point number 20 is inside two boundaries? it not logic??


Bounding boxes are aligned to world XY. If your building is rotated from those axes, then that may explain why the containment appears to be giving incorrect results as the bounding boxes obviously won’t be orthogonal to your rooms and you’re probably assuming they are. You can’t rotate them either; they’re primitive objects. If you want to check their position you can convert them to cuboids. That might give you some clues to begin resolving the problem.

My project is not rotated…its still orthogonal - project north is same as tru north.

Dynamo bounding box contains work incorrect.
Dynamo isInside Romm work correctly

Dynamo package Room is point inside work correcly