Room BoundingBox Max & Min Point discrepancy

Hello guys

I am having a strange issue with Rooms and the corresponding Bounding Box.

We denote room sizes in my firm in the form A x B format. Both in Metric and imperial.

While the script written for this works just fine on simple test projects, I am noticing Dynamo not exactly enclosing rooms(Geometry.BoundingBox) when converted to geometry. I tested this thing again with a simple box within dynamo and it works fine. I am not able to figure out why it isn’t identifying the correct max and min points of rooms in a bigger project??

The bounding box provided in Dynamo is an axis aligned bounding box. Which to my understanding means it is always aligned x/y, which explains the greater extents you are seeing.

The image below shows original room geometry versus it’s axis aligned bounding box.

What were the points that you are trying to obtain being used for? Length x Width?

Hello John

I finally figured this out after discussion with my colleagues who have worked on Rhino/Grasshopper a lot. They told me abt the exact problem abt which u r replying. Now the thing to do is how to rotate the UCS in dynamo so I start getting the correct dimensions.

This solution is largely based on Hyun Woo Kim’s room size video on YouTube.

I have had this problem too.
.There are nodes for bounding boxes by Geometry and Coordinate system, that allow you to specify the orientation of the geometry (Get the UCS from one of the room faces). Did you try that?

When I last tried it they simply didnt work. The bounding box was always axis aligned. Has this been fixed in later versions? (I tried it in 9.2)