List.getitematindex doesn't work inside a custom node

Hello everyone! Is it possible that the “list.get item index” node does not work inside a Custom Node? As input I have various lists and I would like it to return as output the index that I give it as input for each list. But I can’t understand why it doesn’t work! Thanks everyone for your help !!

what you are trying to do? what is the error

The error manifests itself in the output. I expect this Custom Node in the output to return me the first value of the list, instead it still returns me all the values ​​of the list. But why?

what is the error shows?

The mistake is that it gives me the whole list and not the first element of the list or at least the element that I tell it in the input.

You need to let the custom node know that some of the input types are a list or it will ‘open up’ the lists automatically and try and pass a single variable.

indexing with design script is likely easier for you in this case though.


where a, b, c, and d are your list variables, and i is your index variable.

Come to think of it… if this is related to your other post with the enormous Dynamo graph you might be better off moving to dictionaries instead of handling all of those lists.

like Jacob said - make your list input nodes list: var[]..[] or list: var[]