List.GetItemAtIndex - Cycle?


I have a list.get item at index node, and would like this to cycle through a range, is this possible?

An illustration would be welcome


Please notice carefully what @Yna_Db is saying… your question is very hard du figure what it is you are asking for. Nevertheless, is it this you are asking for?


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apologies, trying to think of a way to make it clear - here is an image.

Within the list are 141 lists, of each i want to write to Revit - thus getting the item at each index and writing. I was wondering if rather than dragging the integer value, there is a way it will “cycle” through each list.


Writting 0…141; in a code bloc (as the index input) should do that.
Edit: I can’t write it correctly in the post, I don’t know why, but there are only 2 points between the numbers, see other examples here:

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ok thanks… but if you want all 141 items to be written back to revit, then a “SetParameterByName” would do that

If you need all elements in a list, there is no need to cycle through each element. Dynamo does so, by default.
I suspect your perception of the way lists work is faulty. You most likely don’t need GetItemAtIndex
Kindly share a complete graph and try to explain what you’re trying to acheive.

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As written by @Vikram_Subbaiah, by default the whole list is being evaluated

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thanks, will give it ago - I guess it is the way my graph continues after at each list item is a new family being created.

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