List and lacing help with FilterByBoolMask

I have been trying to grasp lists, levels and lacing for a while and still don’t understand. As such I still create behemoth graphs like I did when I first started using Dynamo that could be whittled down a lot to make them better all-around. For example, how do I make the first graph into the second (see the images below)? I am confident I need to use levels and lacing in the String.Contains node in the second graph, and maybe lacing and levels in another node (maybe the FilterByBoolMask?), but I cannot figure out the combination to use. Is FilterByBoolMask even the right node to use for filtering this way? I would appreciate an explanation and the result for this specific graph. Thank you in advance.

Large, clunky graph I am currently using:

The result I want, though I don’t know which levels and lacing combination to use:

So if any search term is within the name, exclude it from the list?

You can try an AnyTrue approach. Note the cross lace in the String.Contains.

Correct, all the filtering is for exclusions from my desired list.
Wow, using the CountTrue node was far from my thoughts. But it works for my graph, thank you! Now I need to wrap my head around why it works, or rather what this set of nodes is doing at each level.

Easiest to picture it as @L2 representing the string inputs, and @L1 representing the search terms.
So 0-0 is “Does ‘How now brown cow’ contain ‘brown’?” [true], and 2-1 is “Does ‘Test’ contain ‘or’?” [false]

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I was starting to piece that together but wasn’t sure if I understood correctly. Thank you for the additional explanation!